We are going to show you the different types of media that the millennials are using nowadays. Modern media comes in many ways even including print media like newspapers, magazines. Media is also your television, video games, mobile phones, many Software and your favorite internet. The different types of media include the content and the device which the content transpires or happens. The device is the instrument.



This is the old-fashioned print-based media and this is what our parents were using in their time. This includes newspapers, books, novels, comics, magazines and others. A long time ago, only rich publishers were given the opportunity to have these kinds of type-setting technology that are needed to produce printed materials. But in the grounds of today, this has changed. Many people can already produce their own print media because of the availability of desktop publishing Software. There are also websites that can help you in publishing your creation. This also allows readers to download and access different books very easily; in just one click they will be able to get a hold of their favorite novel or book. This local business publishing company even have their own website where you can access news in just a click and add your business to their review!


Video games are already present in the early 1980’s and it is popular among the youth. The games of today contains advanced graphics and more processors for the players to experience three-dimensional or 3D game play that features realistic landscapes, the ability to battle against other players using a network connection and simulations that involves physics. The video games in the modern world provide you with immersions, excitement and interaction. The players will really feel like they are in the game because of true to life graphics and sounds. They become aliens, soldiers, race car drivers, fighters or sports players. There are many consoles are Nintendo Wii, Xbox by Microsoft and the Playstation III by Sony. There are also hand held devices that lets you play video games like the Nintendo DS. And you can also play video games on your computers. There are available devices that can help you in easy playing like joysticks, buttons and other ones. But the latest games have motion-detectors that allow the players to move their bodies to win the game activities.


Television is widely used in the world for more than fifty years now. In the old years, there were only few existing programs that one can enjoy but now there are thousand and more programs that a person can enjoy watching. There was a time where you really have to watch a film or a series on the time that it is aired and you can no longer view it if you missed the time, but it does not work like this now because you can play a movie anytime anywhere because of many cables and satellite services that gives these kinds of services to the many people who are avid television watchers. The internet is also a good means to play an episode or two. Other viewers can also record the episode and view it in another day using a Digital Video Recorder. Even their mobile phones can let them watch episodes and movies.


Movies or films are the oldest form of the motion picture technology that includes the capture of true to life video-style pictures. Movies, a long time ago can only be watched on movie theaters but in the modern world, movies are consumed in the homes of every individual possible. They can even view it in their mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets and more devices. Movies are also high definition including their sound. They are also sold to people in disks which we call the DVD, you may also rent it from stores.